Bicolution stands for
Innovation - We are eager to realise new ideas beyond mainstream thinking.
Revolution - We are ready to explore new paths, rather than copying what has already been done over and over again.
Generation - We collaboarate with new as well as established talent, in order to create art that touches a nerve and entertains at the same time.
Solution - No matter the obstacle, we will either find a way around it or blast it into a new and more exciting shape.

Script Development

We primarily develop our own scripts, working individually as well as with a pool of local and international creatives.

Short Films

Short films are our passion and we have recently completed our romantic comedy "Getting him back". Our "Winter" segment for the feature collaboration "Four Seasons" will also be published as a stand-alone short film and Bico will be in charge of production for said feature women's project.

Voice Over

We offer a pool of international talent, ready and able to make your work come to live. Just give us a call or write us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to come up with a solution that caters your individual needs and stays within your budget.

Where to find us...

Bicolution Pictures operates from scenic Bremen, Germany.


"Someone who got lost in the woods, but ventures on full of energy and curiosity, may jsut discover a new path that no one has walked before: This is how geniuses of great originality are made."

Friedrich Nietzsche

Bico LaFrey