We are currently developing a number of projects, all of which have a strong regional, hence north German, appeal.

Getting him Back

Medium Length Tragicomedy, Germany 2020
"A young actor, the man of her dreams, his mother, and the length we go to in order to find unconditional love."
This refreshing comedy about a slightly misplaced obsession tells the story of Emmi, a not quite that successful actress, who would not necessarily make a perfect 'Project Runway' contestant, and her Ex -every mother-in-law's dream- Christopher, who seems like a nice enough bloke at first glance, but doesn't seem to be able to stand up to his overbearing mother, thus breaking poor Emmi's heart, whilst his mum is out to find a perfect match for her beloved "Chubby".

Four Seasons

Four Seasons brings together four female writer-directors, representing four different cultures, to explore love and loneliness in four individual stories that intertwine to form a feature film. Each unique story feeds into the film's overall narrative of the hunger for love in a more and more digitized society and the relationships that people have, not only with others, but with themselves.
Bico's 'Winter' segment explores love and old age. It tells the story of widowed Traude, whose daughter and grandchildren live in the US, and who feels disconnected and lonely. When her pushy neighbour finally gets her to sign up for an online dating platform, she seems to have found her match in a handsome stranger, but fate has other plans for her.